Jumpin Jacks Terms & Conditions

Product Operation:

1. The Hirer is responsinble for any loss of or damage to the equipment.
2. If used on a dirty, oily or abrasive surface, a groundsheet will be placed under the unit. Please ensure this remains in place.
3. If deployed outside, the unit will be anchored, using the anchor points located at the base. Please check these are secure on a regular basis.
4. Make sure the circuit breaker provided is attached to the power supply at all times.
5.Ensure nothing is allowed to block the flow of air to or from the blower. Keep away from the blower at all times.
6. Electric cables must be protected from damage or wear.
7. Make sure the safety mats provided remain in place at the entrance to the inflatable.
8. Do not smoke or place barbecues near the inflatable.

User Operation:

1. The bouncer must be supervised by a responsible adult (21 or over) at all times.
2. Do not allow anyone on the inflatable when its being inflated or deflated.
3. No PARTY POPPERS are allowed on or near the inflatable as they cause staining when wet.
4. No SILLY STRING is allowed on or near the inflatable as it stains and sticks to the castle.
5. The responsible adult should ensure that children using the inflatable:

  • Have removed footwear (except socks) and any other hard, sharp or dangerous objects (such as buckles, pens, badges, etc). Glasses are best removed.
  • Are not consuming any food, drink or chewing gum.
  • Do not take toys onto the inflatable because it may cause injury if fallen on and could puncture the inflatable.
  • Do not obstruct the entrance/exit.
  • Do not play on the step or front apron.
  • Do not climb, sit or hang on the walls.
  • Have enough room to play safely.
  • Are not doing somersaults, pushing or colliding with one another.

7. On no account should the inflatable be used in wet and windy conditions. In the event of rain, turn off the blower, untie inlet, deflate inflatable and fold it over to prevent rain collecting on it. Place any electrical devices under cover (blower cables). To re-inflate; tie inlet tube to blower and turn on. When fully inflated dry the inflatable before use.
8. In the event that the inflatable needs to be deflated, ensure all users and debris are removed. Switch off the electrical supply and disconnect the inlet pipe from the blower. Failure to disconnect the pipe can damage the blower.